postheadericon Safe Sex doesn’t have to be Boring! (Sander Nielsen)

Using colourful condoms and fuzzy handcuffs can prove to be a good idea. You can easily ensure that you are visually and also sexually pleased with what is going on.

8 Responses to “Safe Sex doesn’t have to be Boring! (Sander Nielsen)”

  • brincks26:

    I do not do fuzzy…xxx

  • zigg3ns:

    Hey men,

    For Halloween this season a number of my buddies and that i are dressing because the cast of Rent. I am being Mimi, my personal favorite character. I am a Senior in senior high school, which means this costume needs to be some what school okay. I have seen the film a great deal, however i just really do not understand what to put on and that i don’t genuinely have time for you to shop now.Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated!


  • SteveO:

    Poll: May I steal your purse?

  • Xbox360king:

    i wish to understand what fuzzy handcuffs are and just how for their services

  • kerrin marz:

    just when was the final time you had been in touch with these wonderful products?

  • nathan:

    I’m going to Kolkata tomorrow to see my other half and was wonder if I put my handcuffs in a checked bag should they be okay?

  • Scott Bull:

    So I’m 17 and my boy friend is 20 this is my first and we have been together for 3 months now I’mreally careful in what I decide and we havnt had sex, all we do is dry hump intensly and make out lol anyways we joked around about buying handcuffs but we went out and were looking at them and he actually ended up buying some from spencers…. ughh I’m freaking out are these like legit handcuffs where I can’t get outa them? Do you need a key? What the hellz aam I supposed to do while I’m handcuffed…
    @that girl lol u hypocrite ur user name is spelled wrong its girl hun and I’m on my cell phone and when I text or type up stuff on my phone I go all gansta and fast so I don’t worry bout those things

  • skillz:

    tie me up, would you do it????

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